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Un listado de los blogs de los alumnos del profesor Joe Sanchez:

En su post Teaching with Blogs, Joe nos comenta los posibles usos de los blogs en educación:

here is a list of positive features of classroom blog use

  • Student Feedback - i am able to give direct, personal feedback directly to each student every week
  • Student evaluation - i am able to see if my students are understanding the course material by reading their blogs
  • in Class examples - I use things they write about in their blogs as examples in class when i am explaining a new concept or to review previous concepts
  • Paper topics - I have used the blogs to help the students select their paper topics in class. For example one student frequently writes about online dating sites and an other often writes about downloading music. When i asked them to select a paper topic neither of them could think of a topic, when i mentioned to them that they could write about either of those two topics they couldn't believe it.
  • student/teacher conferences - by writing weekly comments to the students it feels as if my office hours are being utilized by every student. We are able to have ongoing dialogues throughout the semester on a very personal level.
  • Knowing your students - i know about the acadmic goals and interest of each of my students because they blog about how technology impacts their major. I also know that one broke-up with her boyfriend through facebook, one is shopping online for a motorcycle, and another is "spinning online game"
  • Teachable moments - When students write about their experiences they provide you with many teachable moments. For example, one of my students had her credit card number stolen and she wrote about it in her blog. That week's lesson was about computer failures and information security, her credit card experience was a perfect teachable moment for the class.

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